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Additional Classroom Resources

For Math: Students will be given a packet with various concepts and practices we have taught this year. Your student is expected to complete at least 4 pages of practice problems and 3 sheets of math fluency (multiplication & division quick fact sheets) per day.

For Reading: Students will be given a packet with reading passages followed by comprehension questions. Students should be completing one passage a day. For independent reading, students should be reading a book independently for 30 minutes. This can be a book from home or on RAZ-Kids.

Directions for RAZ-Kids: (sheet was sent home for log-in procedures on 3/12/20)

Go to 
Login with the teacher: bgonzalez48 OR sanderson299 (depending on class)
Search for Student’s name & click it
Password: 3ns  OR 3aw

For Writing: Students will be given a writing prompt related to the reading passages given during reading. All prompts will be given through the Live chat on Zoom. There will be also additional writing prompts given to students if they want to free write in their spare time.

(Optional) For Science: Students will have access to Generation Genius online. When completing the video, students will scroll down on the page to write vocabulary words seen in the video and define them in their science notebooks.

Directions for Generation Genius:

Go to
Hit Log – In
Username: bronxarts
password: science
Go to: Videos for 3-5

We anticipate these activities and assignments will benefit your child by ensuring that they have a routine just like in the school day. In addition, these activities reinforce what they already know. If there are any questions, please reach out to any of the third grade team. Thanks so much for your support!

–The Third Grade Team

Ms. Chiodo / Ms. Gonzalez /

Ms. Anderson / Ms. Williams


Scary Stuff: Think of something that scares you and what makes it so frightening. Include two details.
School Rules: If you could make a new school rule, what would it be and why? Include two details.
Who is the funniest person in your family? Why? Include at least two details.
Would you rather fly to space or swim to the bottom of the ocean? Why? Include at least two details.
If you were in charge of the zoo, what would be the animals you spent the most time with? Why? Include two details.
School Supplies: What is the most important tool in your classroom? What makes it so useful? Include two details.
What’s in a Name?: If you could change your name, what would you choose and why? Include two details.
School Pride: What is the best thing about being a student at your school?
Holidays: What is your favorite holiday? Explain how you celebrate it. Include two details.
Write about a crazy dream you had. Where did you go? What did you do? Include two details.
If you could be in any grade in school, which grade would you want to be in and why? Include two details.
Would you ever want another sibling? Why or why not? Include two details.
Is it possible to have more than one best friend? Why or why not? Include two details.
What is your favorite story or book that we have read this year? Why? Include two details.