Bronx Arts

Sixth Grade

Please use the following link to access the BAM Distance Learning Portal

Scholars should check Google Classroom and complete the work before watching videos on Youtube or visiting the daily meeting.

  • All scholars are required to complete one assignment in each class, each day. Each assignment will take between 40 – 60 minutes.

  • All assignments will be posted by 4PM.

  • If a scholar needs help, they should watch the videos on our Bronx Arts YouTube page for additional support.

  • If the lesson and YouTube video are not enough support to complete the work accurately, scholars are asked to call into the Daily Meeting using the links on this website.

  • If a scholar completes the work and does not have any questions or does not need assistance, they are not required to call into the daily meeting.

  • All scholars with incomplete work are expected to call into the meeting time daily.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please email your teacher ASAP.

  • There are two paths for completing work:

    • Path 1: Scholars log onto Google Classroom after 4PM and complete the next day’s assignments in the evening.

    • Path 2: Scholars log onto Google Classroom in the morning and complete all assignments before 9AM.

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BAM Distance Learning Portal

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