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Kindergarten – Grade 5


Bronx Arts Elementary School opened its doors in 2003 and serves nearly 300 students annually in grades K-5. Located in the Hunts Point neighborhood in the Bronx, our educational model focuses on creating a warm, welcoming environment with excellent instruction to prepare students for middle school.

School Stats
950 Longfellow Avenue
April 2002 (Charter) September 2003 (Instruction)
Patricia Rooney
At Bronx Arts Elementary School, music echoes in the halls, student art covers the walls, and performances of theatre and dance take place in front of applauding families and community members.


Through skills-based instruction as well as arts integration in the classrooms, students have the opportunity to explore art making in the fields of theater, dance, music, and the visual arts. They learn to use art as a language to express their thoughts and ideas.

Through these experiences, our students achieve:

  • High levels of critical, analytical, and creative thinking
  • Deep content knowledge in all subject areas
  • Excellent communication and self-expression skills, and
  • A strong sense of possibility and aspiration for achievement


Bronx Arts currently serves almost 300 students in grades K through 5. The student body is 28% African-American, 67% Latino, and 5% of mixed ethnicity. Almost 60% of Bronx Arts students live in the Hunts Point area.

In the 2022-23 School Year, approximately 85% of Bronx Arts students were eligible for Federal Free & Reduced Lunch. Students with disabilities compose nearly 22% of our population, while over 12% of our students are English Language Learners.


Bronx Arts Elementary School has worked hard and succeeded at improving student achievement, gaining the confidence of students, parents, our community and all our stakeholders. We have:

  • Consistently exceeds District, City and NY State averages on New York State examinations.
  • One of the highest performing elementary school in District 8 for two consecutive years.
  • Named a “Reward School” by NY State Department of Education. Less than 1% of public schools in the state earn this honor.
  • Nationally recognized by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts as a “School of Distinction”.

Access to opportunity

We strongly believe that all students deserve the opportunity to demonstrate excellence and that all children can and will succeed when given optimal support and guidance.

Our Inclusion Program provides students with special needs the opportunity to be educated in a general education environment with supplemental support, and our commitment to meeting the instructional needs of all students is further supported by small class size and a school day that is thirty minutes longer than that of most schools.

Meet our Leaders

You don’t have to be an artist
to attend Bronx Arts