Middle School

Carrying Forward Our Values

Recognizing Bronx Arts’ success in improving elementary school student achievement, in 2017 the New York State Board of Regents approved an expansion into a Middle School. The Waitlist Application For Lottery Enrollment is currently open for Bronx Arts Middle School, which will open its doors in Fall 2018 at our bright and spacious campus less than half a mile from the Bronx Arts Elementary school campus.

The Bronx Arts Operating Principles will be the foundation of the middle school as well, they are:

  • Continual Learning:
    Knowledge and its pursuit have both intrinsic and social value.
  • Critical Thinking:
    Sound decisions and judgments are made through questioning, observing, and evaluating information and values.
  • Reflection:
    Learning is maximized by thinking about and reviewing work, evaluating the outcomes of decisions and actions.
  • Effort:
    Initiative, persistence, resourcefulness, and hard work are necessary for success and empowerment.
  • Collaboration:
    Teaching and learning are not isolated endeavors and are enhanced by the participation and contributions of a diverse group of people.
  • Community:
    Human beings are part of social systems that affect and are affected by individuals.
  • Communication:
    Honest listening and expression of knowledge, beliefs, and feelings facilitates positive relationships among community members.

Strong Foundations

Bronx Arts Middle School builds on the Elementary School’s strong foundation by implementing our Middle School method. Our curriculum continues to prioritize and integrate the arts—dance, music, theater and visual arts—into our rigorous academic curriculum for grades 6 through 8.

Bronx Arts Middle School helps student develop a growth mindset and offers students a safe, welcoming environment that nurtures creativity, academic progress and confidence. Our aim is to effectively prepare students to succeed academically, gain admission to the high school of their choice, and realize their personal, academic and creative ambitions.


Opening Doors: September 2018

Grades Served: 6th (6th to 8th by SY2020)

Address: 1440 Story Ave, Bronx, NY 10473

2018 Enrollment: 112 

Principal: Mr. Richard Gonzalez